Kacie de Leon, Realtor®

21 Day Fix Extreme Results

21 days went by so quick! 
I feel AMAZING! 
My energy is up, my strength has doubled, and I can feel the definition growing in my muscles. 
I couldn’t be happier with my results. 
I am down 6 lbs and over 8 inches!! 
All it took was…
–> clean, portion controlled eating. (I even still had my wine! 🍷😉)
–> workouts at home, 30 minutes a day
–> one delicious cafe latte drink to replace a meal each day
–> an amazing support group to motivate me through it!
That’s it! Simple as that! No need to make it complicated or spend hours in a gym. 
If you’re interested in joining me in February or want more information, leave your email below!! 

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