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golden ticket

What is this Golden Ticket?

Do you remember Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? (Or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory if you’re a lot less younger and not as cool 😛 )

So basically, the gist of the movie is that these kids find Golden Tickets in Chocolate Bars to win a prize.

Well my company decided to come up with their own version of the Golden Ticket Program. Except… instead of Chocolate… you’re getting WINE. (already a win in my book!)

How does it work?

For the month of August… randomly selected boxes have a GOLDEN TICKET inside.

These tickets are prizes including:

$10,000 cash
$5,000 cash
$2,500 cash
Hawaii Trip
Plane tickets

And much more!!!

How do you Qualify? 

Join as a customer OR rep to receive a box of wine during the month of August, straight to your door. You can cancel anytime you want (although our retention rate is 93%).

What’s the Cost?

To join as a member, you have multiple options. You get to choose between TWO or FOUR bottles. You also get to choose between all RED, all WHITE, or a mix of BOTH. Know what you want? Great.

TWO bottles — > $49 + discounted shipping

FOUR bottles –> $79 + discounted shipping (best value)

What if I don’t like the wine? 

Simple complete a replacement request form through your account and they’ll send you a brand new bottle for free.

Is that it?

Yup. It’s as simple as that?

Refer 3 for free wine

What about this FREE wine you talk about?

As a customer (or Rep) all you have to do is refer THREE friends to enjoy the wine club also (2 OR 4 bottles) and YOUR wine is FREE the following month (and any month that you continue to have three referrals receiving wine). 

Where do I sign up? 

As a customer, it’s super simple. Just click here. Pick how many bottles you want and if you want RED, WHITE, or BOTH.

If you’re interested in building a business and trying wines from all around the world… visit my wine page to learn more.


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Written by Kacie