About Kacie

Have you ever wondered if there was another option? If there was a way to reach your dreams without sacrificing what’s important? Maybe there’s something inside of you that is waiting to be inspired.

Kacie de Leon

That was me after I became a Stay-at-home Mom.

But first, let’s take it back a few years. I met my husband, Esteban, in College. Esteban commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army back in December 2009. We married just a few months out of College and Esteban deployed one week later. Fast forward a couple of years and we were blessed with Sadie in our family in August 2012, and Esteban deployed again three weeks later.

I left my private events job to become a stay-at-home mom after Sadie was born.

Not long after Esteban returned from his deployment, we moved to Fort Lee, VA. We enjoyed our short stay in Virginia, before we received surprise orders for South Korea. This was a whirlwind and turned our lives upside down, but we packed up our family of three and headed across the world. We spent two years in Korea (in two different locations) and added our sweet son to the family. (Yes I had him in a Korean hospital and it was CRAZY).

Although I loved being home with my kids, I could feel this pull inside me that something was missing. I have always been a very self-driven and hard working person, and I was ready to put that to use again. However, child care can also be very expense and I was torn between putting my kids in daycare and staying home with them full time. Neither one seemed like the best choice.

Kacie de Leon 2

In February 2014, I joined my first network marketing company. It was a health and wellness company. It changed my life. Not only did I start taking care of myself physically, but I also began reading personal development daily, which led to a happier, more positive me.

We finally moved back Stateside as a family of four in July 2016. Esteban transitioned out of the Army that summer and began work in the Civilian world. Another big surprise, he was offered a position, and we moved to San Antonio, TX, where we currently reside.

After our move, I felt the need to dive deeper into my new home-based career. While my previous company was great for me, it was a saturated market and I was not seeing the business potential I had hoped.


Enter a new opportunity. At first, I pushed this opportunity away. I wasn’t looking. I didn’t need something else. But then I couldn’t get it out of my mind, two weeks later I finally asked for more information. I signed up that night and made a promise to myself that I would give it my all. I started small, but stayed consistent each day. That’s what it takes with Network Marketing, CONSISTENCY. So I promised myself that I would get a few small steps done each day. I began to implement my love for organizing into my business and training my team. 

I reached the top rank in that company in three months and was nominated as a Rising Star. But there was a problem. Things started to decline and customers weren’t sticking around. Why? Because it was wine. As exciting and enticing as that sounds, wine is a luxury item. And there was nothing about the product that made customers loyal. It was the first thing to cut when money got tight.


I knew I needed a product that created loyalty.Hair After Baby A product that people would re-order over and over without being stuck on an annoying auto ship. Then I realized I already knew this product. Why? Because I was already a loyal customer. I was already re-ordering this product over and over again. And if I loved it that much, I knew others would too. It had  changed my damage, over-processed, and frizzy blonde locks with a ton of flyaways to shiny, smooth hair I could be confident in again.


So what is it that I do now?

I represent a naturally based luxury hair care line. I help others feel and look their best, while also reaching their fullest potential. I help Mama’s learn that it’s okay to want MORE from life. I lead Mama’s in a quest to be MORE than Mom.

If you want to learn more about what I do and how I’ve been able to become Passionately Profitable, connect with me on Facebook.