I want to take a moment to introduce you to the newest member of our family.

Dilly the Doodle.Doodle Puppy

Isn’t he precious?

A few months ago, we knew we wanted to add another dog to our family soon. (Our last one passed about 2 years ago). So we began the search. Originally, we were hoping to adopt. But we quickly came to find that finding a doodle to adopt is not easy. I mean, who would want to give up such an incredible dog?

So we started to lean towards finding a puppy. Well God’s timing is real, because I happen to see a post for his guy, recommended by another breeder we had considered and passed on. He was perfect for us.Dilly the Doodle

He was bred between a Labradoodle (a lab/poodle mix) and a toy poodle. So he won’t get bigger than 40 lbs. He is the most mellow little puppy I’ve ever met.

We brought him home on October 26th and he has fit perfectly into our family. Crate training and house training are going well and he is already learning to “sit.” He has already dug a little space in our hearts.

As a new puppy mom, I’d love to hear your tips below on raising a new puppy. (leave them in the comments!)

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Written by Kacie