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Five tips on Road Trips with toddlers


We’ve traveled with our kids quite a few times now. We started when Sadie was really young. So I feel like we’ve learned a thing or two.

We’ve also done multiple across the world flights,  but that’s for another day.

So after our most recent spur of the moment road trip, I thought I’d compile my TOP FIVE tips for road trips with toddlers.

  1. SNACKS. Pack a LOT. Kids are just WAY hungrier during road trips than when they are busy playing. Also bring a variety of snacks. My kids will eat the same thing for lunch three days in a row at home, but bring a bunch of the same thing in the car, and they get bored of it for some reason? I try to OVERpack in the snack department. It also helps to have a small color to keep waters, milk, or juice cold.
  2. BE FLEXIBLE. We hardly ever have a schedule anymore. It’s just not realistic with kids. Instead, we have a rough outline of what we want to do, and we try to just enjoy whatever obstacles come in the way. Trust me. They will come.
  3. BOOK A SUITE. This is by far my favorite. I know it can’t always be done. But when we can, we like to stay at the Doubletree or Hampton Inn & Suites, because we can get the room with the separate living room and bedroom. This allows us to put our kids to bed on time(mostly) and then enjoy the TV or a game and some wine to ourselves. Even better, when we are able to book an AirB&B.
  4. LESS TOYS. I’ve traveled with a lot of toys before. But then they just go everywhere, and I’m stuck keeping track. No thanks. My kids get one small bookbag each to fill with toys. It usually includes one or two light books, and some crayons and paper also. Everything has a place and they have just enough to keep them busy. They always want to play with the new “non-toy” items anyway.
  5. IPAD. Seriously. I try to limit IPAD time at home, but on a trip (especially in the car), it’s free game for me. And with Ryder still rear-facing, he can’t exactly see the movie playing on the overhead screen anyway. In the future, I would even do without the movie in the car, and give each kid an IPAD and headphones. Then we can actually listen to our own music!

These tips may sound simple enough, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget all this stuff during the rush of traveling. Our daughter, who is now 4.5 is a wonderful traveler because we have traveled with her so often since we was a baby. Our son hasn’t traveled as much lately, and we plan on changing that. We want him to be able to adapt the same way.

What are your favorite kid friendly road trip tips for toddlers?

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