Happy Friday Ya’ll! I hope you all have the most Beautiful Day!!

[ one ] eeee! My Mom came to visit! Can you hear the excitement?? She will be here for the next 2 weeks. There’s just nothing like a hug from your Grandma.

[ two ] Last weekend, Steve and I stumbled upon this amazing new restaurant in Daegu. It is a pizza, pasta, and steak place. Each meal is paired with a specific adult beverage, primarily Soju. We had to order through pictures on the menu and thought we were ordering chicken to share. It turned out to be steak, but it was amazing. Served with a side salad, fresh korean pickles, and homemade pita bread out of their brick oven. It was so delicious.

[ three ] Have I mentioned kids cafes in Korea? They are pretty much the American version of a play place, but better. They normally have drinks, snacks, and sometimes  meals for purchase. We went to one on Thursday and the kids had a blast. It was 10,000 won/3 hours (about $10) for Sadie and me. The korean ladies working were so nice and loved our children. They had a blast playing with them! There were trampolines, slides, ball pits, blocks, push toys, a choo choo train, and more! You name, they had it! This might be a new weekly place for us.

[ four ] We had a beautiful day on Monday, so we just had to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Sadie had fun with her friend and we got some laps in around the track. I’m pretty sure Sadie’s downward dog open leg split is better than mine.

[ five ] I am so excited about the progress I am making with PiYo. Seriously, best decision I’ve ever made. And the most rewarding one! If you missed my post about why I decided to become a Coach, you can check it out now! New Jeans, here I come!

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Written by Kacie de Leon