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Did you see that little sneak peak I gave you in my last fitness post? There was a notebook sitting on the treadmill. Yes, that’s it. The OCD person within me created a fitness notebook. A lot of people write down their workouts at the gym, well I just do it with some crazy organized style:-)

I found these colorfully organized printables from Clean Life and Home. I was able to download and print them instantly.
I also picked up an A5 Arc Notebook. I actually got the Martha Stewart version at Staples.

Note: If you notice, I didn’t want to pay $40 for the specific type of hole punch until I knew this was going to work for me. So for the time being, I glued the pages onto the pre-punch pages. I’m now waiting for a good sale/coupon deal to buy the hole punch. The one reason why I got this notebook, is because I like that it can bend all the way around and lay flat, unlike a filofax or 3 ring binder.

So here’s a peak inside my “Get Fit” journal.

Can’t head to the gym without my journal, water, and Pandora.

The opening page with my personal trainers card. 

A little bit of inspiration. 

Sorry for the white out… I just might be comfortable enough to share my before and after… one day!
A page to record my measurements and weight loss progress. 

Each month has a homemade divider (part of the download) and set of goals. 

Monthly calendar. I love planning out my workouts for the week so that each part of my body is getting equal attention.

Even though this section is titled “meal plan,” I actually use to write down what I eat. I meal plan on our kitchen calendar. I like that I don’t have to count calories, but I still can hold myself accountable to what I eat. 

Each workout is logged on its own page. I love that I am able to keep track of the workouts my trainer has me do, so that I can do them in the future on my own.

The final tab is titled “notes” but I use it for misc. I place different workouts in here, as well as tips from my personal trainer. 
So there you have it.  What do you think?
Do you track your fitness habits? How do you write it all down? 

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