This isn’t static. I didn’t stick a balloon to my head and pull it away.

Hair After Baby

This was my actual hair. On the daily. Less than a year ago.

That’s what babies do to your hair.

I was stuck with broken hair that just wasn’t growing fast enough… and sticking up all around my head.

So bad that I would crop most of my selfies so people couldn’t see. How embarrassing.

So when I FINALLY found shampoo + conditioner that not only FIXED the frizz but made my hair grow… you better believe I had it shipped to me on the regular!

No more cropping selfies. No more embarrassment. No more frizz + WAY more growth. 👉🏻 Just plain confidence again.

Confidence and beauty.  Yeah, I said it.

Because, let’s be honest… your selfie is 90% hair.

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Written by Kacie