I can’t believe it’s Friday already! But I sure am happy that it is! Steve comes home from being in the field today! We’ve missed him and it will be so nice to have him back!

On another note, if you missed my last post, announced that I will be starting a Facebook group called Organize Your Health. It’s 15 days of tips and challenges to get your health and fitness organized! My two favorite things combined in one! Message me on Facebook to join!

Finally, lets get to that Friday Five. I previously lived in Savannah, where I gained my love for St. Patricks Day. So here are five Pinterest inspirations for St. Patty’s!

[ one ]

One of the easiest ways to decorate for each holiday and season is through a printable. There are so many offered online and all you have to do is get one frame, print, and switch it out as the Holiday approaches. Easy peasy. This one is a favorite for St. Patty’s.

[ two ]

Kids love giving and received little gifts. How cute is this little treat to send to school with your little one on St. Patty’s?

[ three ]

I could totally see me painting my nails this color for the day. The gold definitely makes it not look so tacky!

[ four ]

This would totally make my day if I bit into a cupcake and found this surprise instead. I think Sadie would go crazy!

[ five ]

Finally, you can’t go through the day without wearing green. This might have to make its way into my closet by next year. I love that its subtle. People might try and pinch you then BAM, you are wearing green!

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What do you think?

Written by Kacie de Leon