“You don’t have to find your purpose. When you’re being of service to others and you live from a place of inspiration, your purpose finds you.” – Gabby Bernstein

As a Mom, it can sometimes to be hard to know what is our true purpose. We get caught up in the every activities that revolve around our family and kids. Bottles, diapers, cleaning, kids activities, school assignments…. the list goes on and on.

And while being a Mom IS in itself an amazing purpose for us to have… there can be more than “one” purpose for you. But how do we figure it out? How do we take the time to learn about ourselves outside of this motherhood role.

And more important, how do we mesh the two together to find purpose in our every day lives?

Watch my video below for tips on How to Start your Journey to find your Purpose. 


This video was inspired by The Empowered Mama Podcast.

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Written by Kacie