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How to Keep Your Tulips Standing Up

You buy your favorite tulips. You wash them, cut them, and put them in your vase. They look beautiful. But then two days later, they are bent over the edge of the vase looking puny. Well I found the secret. I’ve had my tulips for one week now and they are still standing strong.

Here are my tulips the day I got them:

And here they are one week later:

Amazing right? Only a small amount of wilt on the leaves, but the tulips are still standing upright, not even open yet!

So here’s the secret:

Step One: Take your tulips and cut the ends to your desirable size. The first trick is to cut them at an angle while holding them under running water. This assures that the ends are as clean as possible.

Step Two: Place your tulips in your vase (with water) and arrange. You can also add the packet that came with the flowers. If you didn’t get one, add a little sugar.

Step Three: Here’s the secret: Take a toothpick and punch a small hole on the stem just below the actual flower. Do not go all the way through the stem.

Step Four: Enjoy your tulips for much longer!

So this punching a hole thing? What’s that. When your tulips take in water, they are also taking in air. Photosynthesis anyone? Anyway, it creates bubbles within the stems which weigh them down. This creates the hanging over look. The hole allows the flower to “breath” and release the bubbles while keeping the water.

I just sounded like a flower genius didn’t I? I’m not! I promise. I normally kill potted plants within two weeks. Try it! It’s easy!

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