I am getting SOOO excited for my
June challenge group!! It starts June 6th and I want you to join me!!
I am working on some new fun ways to keep everyone motivated this month and I can’t wait to share!!
What is a challenge group??
It’s an opportunity for you to lose 5-15 pounds, tone up & lean out so you can feel great in a bathing suit this summer! We will do it alongside several other ladies with a private Facebook group!
☀️We use (easy to follow) home fitness programs.
☀️We follow simple, clean eating meal plans.
☀️We drink shakes to replace supplements.
☀️We track our daily actions.
☀️We commit to do our best – even when we don’t feel like it.
And we don’t just do these things hoping for results… We work hard, so results are inevitable! 👊🏼
You don’t have to give up your running session, cross fitting, or barre sessions. You also don’t have to be a fitness guru to join us.
But if you want to amp things up, start fresh, or try something new – this June challenge is waiting for you.
21 days of dedication to basic activities will change your life forever.
So skip that Starbucks this summer, save money and take a delicious shake to the pool to stay looking great and feeling great.
I have 3 spots left in this challenge – and if you snag your challenge pack and enroll by June 1 – I’ll send you a free 21 Day Fix cookbook!
Drop your email below to apply!!

What do you think?

Written by Kacie de Leon