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When I first started to blog, I included a lot about my kids. They are basically my day in and day out, right? So it’s only natural to for most moms who decide to blog to write about their kids.

Craft ideas, kids schedules, kids meals, etc. These are all things I’ve searched for on Pinterest, hoping to get ideas from a talented mom out there so that I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel.

So when I finally revamped this blog, I originally thought I would continue to post “mom” ideas.

After soul searching, blog searching, brand searching… whatever searching. I’ve decided to NOT make this a “mom” blog.

Sure, my kids might be mentioned here or there… but if you’re looking for some amazingly crafty mom ideas… keep searching.

  1. It’s not me. I’m a pinterest wannabe when it comes to mom projects. I promise… mine would follow under the “nailed it” category.
  2. I decided to start this business for ME. I wanted something that I could focus on, that could help me grow, and fulfill the desire to succeed in ME. So… I want to keep it at that.
  3. I want to bring you valuable content that will help empower you, educate you, and encourage you on a road of success… I’m pretty sure my mom stories won’t do much of that!

So there you have it. I don’t think I’m a bad mom for thinking this way. I just want something for ME for once.

I know there must be other mama’s out there that feel the same way?

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