It’s Friday! It’s Friday! It’s been a pretty great week, but I’m excited it’s Friday! So I’m linking up with the two Farmer gals for Oh Hey Friday!

[one] Steve graduates from his Captains Career Course today. I’m such a proud wife and I look forward to our future adventure as a family. Isn’t he handsome? Sorry ladies, he’s taken!

[two] Both sets of Grandparents are in town and Sadie is loving it. I mean what only grandchild wouldn’t? This is a little peak into what when down last night.

[three] Last Friday, I mentioned we had some people over to try to get some food out of the fridge and drinks out of the cabinet. Sadie had a little friend over as well and they had a blast together. In fact, her toy room looked like Hurricane Katrina had paid a visit, but the smiles on their faces made it totally worth it.

[four] Seriously, who doesn’t love a good tea party? And when Minnie Mouse, Dora, and Belle are your guest, you’re in heaven!

[five] Final movers come on Monday and my room’s a disaster zone trying to figure out what to pack in our check bags. I’ve never had to pack for 2+ months before! Sorry, no picture here. I promise, it’s not exciting!

What do you think?

Written by Kacie de Leon