My husband and I closed on our house one week before we got married. Then a week after the wedding, my husband was deployed. That’s a lot in just a couple weeks! Not to mention I was left to make this house our first home all by myself. Almost a year later, and my husband is back and our house has improved greatly; however, I’m saving that updated post for the one year mark. So here it is, our house when we first moved in as newlyweds…

Yupp, that’s our little house, with an empty lot next to it. And those people in the picture would be my parents helping us with the big move. 
This is our back yard, pre-fence and and pre-patio furniture.
The little pond in our back yard… and see that huge bush in the way.. I know what you’re thinking… that’s gotta go!
One year later and the house has come a long way, and I can’t wait to show it to you!
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Written by Kacie de Leon