Christmas is over and I don’t know about you, but I’m in a bloated haze. I’m tired of sitting around the house and eating leftovers, but I’m not quite high energy yet.

BUT if I don’t step it up, I’ll be ringing in the New Year with no plan of attack. And if how you start your Monday determines your week… then how you start your January determines your year. 

So I came up with five tips to help you (and me) get on track before we are counting down to ZERO.

Ready? Not really? Good. Me either, but let’s do it anyway.

  1. TAKE DOWN ALL THE CHRISTMAS DECOR. Some people like to keep this up for a while. If that’s you, totally cool, but it’s not me. I like a clean slate. I’m a decorate early… take down right away kind of girl. It just makes me feel good to not have such a chore on the top of my to do list when the new year rolls in. (Hint: I start by putting it ALL in now room. Usually my dining room. Then bring in tubs to pack it away. Clear tubs are great, but if not – make sure to label them to make it easier on yourself next year! You can find some easy labels here.)

  2. FILL OUT YOUR PLANNER. If you haven’t learned yet. I LOVE a good planner. I currently use The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. Pick a good time, uninterrupted and spread out the year in front of you. Add in birthdays, special dates, anniversaries, school days, basically any dates you already know for 2019. Then sync it with your spouses calendar or an online calendar, if you have one. I also use the google calendar on my phone for important appointments I may need reminders about.

  3. PLAN YOUR NEW YEARS EVE. Listen, It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but the last thing you want to be is stuck on New Years Eve with NOTHING… thinking to yourself, next year I should…. Instead, grab a few supplies from the Target Dollar Spot and pick up some Champagne to toast. If you’re going out, make reservations now. You’ll thank yourself later.

  4. SET YOUR GOALS. I’m a goal setter. I firmly believe in it. Do I ALWAYS reach my goals? No. But having goals written down in one place, at least gives me something to work towards. What are your most important values? Start there and find three areas where you want to improve. Maybe it’s your marriage. Maybe it’s at being a Mom. Maybe it’s in your health. Don’t be afraid to be “cliche.” This is YOUR life and YOUR goals. Make them for YOU. You can download my free Goal Setting worksheet here.

  5. ENJOY THE MOMENT. In just a few days, 2018 will be gone. You will never get it back. Your kids will grow older this year. You will experience new things. You’ll have new stressors and new joys. We all want our kids back in school already (trust me, I know). But I have to remind myself that this time is precious. As I write this post next to my daughter building legos that I’ve picked up off the floor one too many times… and my son singing a little too loudly into a karaoke machine. But one day, I will miss this. One day, they will grow out of these moments. Even if 2018 was a hard or rough year for you, end it in reflection. Soaking up the moments of present that you have RIGHT NOW. For once it’s gone, it becomes the past.

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What do you think?

Written by Kacie