Kacie de Leon, Realtor®

Social Media Packages

Are you tired of trying to get results from social media? Feel like you never have the time to post? Or no idea what to post? Getting no results with what you’re actually doing? I specialize in helping local business owners grow their social media accounts organically by increasing engagement and building trust with your audience. By increasing traffic with your target audience, online results turn into offline profit.

What I’m really passionate about is helping local, small business entrepreneurs position themselves strategically through Social Media in order to elevate your business.

I know as a business owner you don’t have time to waste but you can’t afford to miss out on the visibility that social media provides. I want to make social media work for you, not against you, so that you can focus on what you do best! 

Contact me for a free consultation to find out which package is best for your business.

  • Proper identification across all platforms.
  • Logo and brand images in place.
  • Profile photos and cover photos designed and completed.
  • Full bio and business description in each section. 
  • Contact information inputted and all maps functioning correctly. 
  • Optimized and tagged properly for search. 

Complete social media management available for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest.

  • Content curation and creation.
  • Increase awareness of the brand through social sharing. 
  • Contest and giveaway creation and management. 
  • Engagement with key accounts. 
  • Grow followings on each platform.
  • Increase reach with the target market.
  • Drive targeted traffic to the website. 

I can also integrate an e-mail marketing campaign through social media.

  • Setup on an email platform
  • Integrate and organize email lists
  • List building and capturing new emails
  • Content writing 
  • Email building and scheduling
  • Call tracking 
  • Reporting and metrics