To the Stay-at-Home Mom who Wants MORE,

I see you. I see you clearly.

As a little girl, everyone else wanted to be Doctors, Lawyers, Astronauts, Vets… You just wanted to be a mom. You took pride in that dream. You loved playing with dolls and dreamed of your future family.

You went to college. Enjoyed it actually. You had freedom. You had choice. But you were also an overachiever. You went to class, got the good grades, and got a job straight out of college. You fell in love and got married.

And then the time came when you were finally able to be called “mommy.” It was everything you ever hoped for. You became a Stay-at-home Mom. It just made sense with the cost of daycare these days anyway. It was just like you wanted, but those first few months were HARD. Babies are hard. But you survived.

Your baby grew into a toddler and became a little more independent. Your days were full of cleaning up toys, fixing snacks, getting out of the house, and fixing snacks. (Did I say that already?)

Then along came that second baby. The heart expanded and your family felt whole. Life was perfect. It was just as you had dreamed, so you should be happy. Right?

Except you didn’t feel so whole. Don’t get me wrong. You love your kids. You feel blessed beyond measure and you DO love being a mommy. But there’s also a piece of you missing. A nudging inside. A yearning for MORE.

It took you a while to figure this out. Even longer to admit it to yourself. Because by admitting it, is almost as if you’re failing at your initial goal. Being a mom was your dream. You got it. Shouldn’t that be enough?

But it’s not enough. Because you want MORE. You want adventure. You want passion. You want to help others. You want to achieve something. You want to feel accomplished. You want to set goals. You want to CRUSH them. Heck, some days you just want adult conversation.

And guess what? You are OKAY. If fact your more than OKAY. You are justified.

You are an amazing mom. But it is also okay to be an amazing boss babe. You don’t need permission from anyone other than yourself. Find your passion. Chase after your dream. Show those babies what it’s like to never give up. This is YOUR life. You get to live if YOUR way.

Your kids will still love you. They will still know how much you love them. There will still be time for memories. Try something new. Be open to new adventures. Take a chance on that MORE.

What do you think?

Written by Kacie