In today’s world, everyone has an online business.

I mean, everyone is online, so you may as well monetize off of it, right?

And while I truly believe in “to each their own,” I also believe there are ways to do things that WILL bring your more success in the long run.

And one of those things is in your posting. Network Marketing gets a poor name, basically from all the people who choose to spam the internet. They mean well. Really they do. And I’ve been there.

So I’m going to give you the BEST piece of advice I’ve ever been given when posting to social media.

It’s really quite simple, but by doing this one thing, your entire business will change.


When posting so social media… ask yourself… If I were reading this right now, would I 1. Stop to read it? and 2. Gain value from it? 

Let’s break this down further.

Our newsfeeds are overwhelmed. We are constantly competing with hundreds if not thousands of other posts. What is going to make YOURS stand out? What is going to make someone stop scrolling to read your posts?

By adding value. You want to be of value to the reader. And there are three main ways you can do this.


Your post can be educational. This doesn’t mean you have to get all teacher up in here and start spitting out facts. No. But it can teach someone something. Maybe a tip. Maybe a tutorial. Maybe a mom hack. Maybe a recipe. There are endless possibilities of things that can educate your audience. Don’t know what to post? Google is your friend.


Your post can entertain others. This can be through humor or reality. Think about it. Reality TV is huge right now. Your life is reality. Maybe it’s a moment that happened in your day. Maybe it’s a video that you found and loved and want to share. People like to be entertained.


We live in a world where negativity has taken over. Go against that grain. Be positive. Be uplifting. Be inspiring. It makes people feel good. And when they feel good reading your posts, they associate those feelings with you.

Just remember. It doesn’t have to be complicated. And it doesn’t require expertise knowledge to make these post. What it does require is YOU. People want to hear from you.

Find a way to be of value to them, and your business will continually grow.

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What do you think?

Written by Kacie