This past weekend Steve, Sadie and I went on a trip with my family out to Sonoma/Napa Valley, CA. My parents rented a precious house on VRBO complete with pool and hot tub. We had such a wonderful few days laughing, eating, and sipping on wine.

I know what you’re thinking – you took a baby on a wine trip?! Yes, yes we did. And it was wonderful. My dad rented a driver to drive us around all day in a 12 passenger van. We took Sadie’s car seat with us so she would be familiar with it, and when nap time came, one of us would stay in the car while Sadie napped. She had a blast with all the people oohing and ahhing over her and even got to play in the grass and vineyards some.

Definitely one of my favorites trips we have ever taken. Unfortunately, I lost my camera on our trip back to Savannah, so I only have the few photos from my phone, Steve’s phone, and Mom’s Camera. Sorry- they are out of order because of this.

I would recommend this trip to anyone- families or couples!

Hanging out in the USO waiting for our flight

Sadie snackin’ in the airport

Sadie’s very first plane ride.
Sadie napping in between flights. 

Our 12 Passenger Van.
4th of July Parade in Sonoma
4th of July Parade
Wine tasting in a cave at Deerfield Winery 

Visiting B.R. Cohn Winery 

Apparently this is how Sonomians travel. 

Wine tasting
Sadie and Gigi on July 4th

Sadie playing at the house. 
Sadie ready to eat.

Enjoying the premier wine tasting at Imagery- my parents are wine club members here
The Beautiful Artessa winery 

At Imagery 
Wine Tasting in a Barn
Walking around the vineyards- the wine maker even let us taste some grapes. 
The cave doors at Deerfield Winery.

4th of July Parade

Sadie enjoying her bagel

I did not like this wine or winery:-(

4th of July 
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse came in handy

In the Cave

At The Fig Cafe for dinner in Glen Ellen

Walking around with Gigi

Family wine shot

Sadie and Uncle Zach at Trefethen Family Winery

Playing games at Imagery 

1 for Mom, 1 for Dad, 1 for Sadie

I had so many more of these photos of my camera and I am so sad I lost them!

Bagel time

Napping at the airport before our flight.

On the plane.

Napping with Daddy on the last flight from Atlanta to Savannah.

What do you think?

Written by Kacie de Leon