Wine Subscription

I have a confession. I used to only like sweet wines. Like German Rieslings. 

And then in May 2011, we took a trip to Venice, Italy for my brother’s wedding. Where I was introduced to vino rosso della casa or the “House Red Wine.” 

And then began my real love of wine. Wine Subscription

Since then, we’ve traveled to Napa & Sonoma, California, the Virginia Wine Country, and Fredricksburg, TX to enjoy ALL the wine.

But here’s the thing. When back at home… I would get stuck buying the same old bottles from the store over and over again. The wine isle was completely overwhelming… picking out wine by how pretty the label was… and half the time the pretty labels tasted like crap and I ended up dumping them down the sink.

I felt awful waisting the money.

Enter The Fastest Growing Wine Subscription in the world. 

Wine from ALL over the world, delivered straight to our door every month with a “Happiness Guarantee!?” I couldn’t resist. And did I mention I get mine FREE every month?? 

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